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Fox Labs OC Spray, the hottest OC spray on the market!

This is a 2 %, 5.3 MM SHU non-flammable product. What that means is, the 2% renders them incapacitated for a shorter duration, reducing your baby sitting time as well as their exposure to the active ingredients. The 5,3 MM SHU means that it is the hottest, most effective product on the market today. The heat translates into rapid incapacitation.

If you work with an agency that carries Tasers, Taser requires that the OC be non-flammable. This is and leaves a lot of commonly used product unavailable.

Short story: A fellow LEO who carries OC responded to an intruder alert. During the building search, he came across a trespasser who resisted his lawful commands and thus, got sprayed. His attitude immediately turned from M-F this and G-D that to Yes sir, and No sir. Later, when being transported, he asked what he was sprayed with, The LEO said pepper spray (OC), and the trespasser said, "No sir! I have been sprayed by Pepper spray before...this felt like acid!

Good stuff.  For more info on sprays, carriers and/or prices contact:


Great place for Class A shirts and pants, BDU's and other stuff we don't carry.

Located in Charlotte and Wilmington, NC they can ship anywhere.

You can email Marcus at or call him at 704 522-1002


The National Rifle Association: 
America's First Line of Defense for Firearms Ownership



Sometimes that store bought concealed holster just doesn't do the trick. I had one that made a big 'clunk' as it hit the floor in a fast food restaurant!  As my 38 snub went sliding along the floor my face turned 82 shades of red. Fortunately, only my buddy saw what was happening.  While I was freaking out he was pretty calm and quietly said, "Ya might consider getting yourself a decent holster, Jim."  So that's how I found Rusty. Check him out.  He's done custom holsters for some very big names in law enforcement.  A cool guy. And he makes real cool personal holsters.


This guy has been very helpful to me and his prices are very reasonable. He can help with gun or ammo problems and has a great shooting range.

Located near Edgemoor, SC, he is a full service gun shop. He handles all brand names of firearms, ammunition, and re-loading supplies. All enquiries about prices, or for any question that you might have, can be sent by E-Mail or by phone (888-857-5071). There is a firing range on premises to practice your shooting skills. He encourages all constables in the state to contact him with any need or problem that you might have. All questions will be answered in a timely manner. He is looking forward to hearing from or seeing each one of you.

This page may have a site or two that could be of possible interest.
It is also intended to link you to others that sell stuff we do not carry.
Things like Class A shirts, pants, boots, holsters, weapons, etc.

Have some fun checking it out.

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